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Thanks to BizTalk360 team and my dear friend Saravana my blog has now a new fantastic look and a lot of new improvements, first of all it is tremendously faster .

Well, I liked my previous style but was old and I think is time for a good refresh, the BizTalk360 guys redo graphic, migrated the blog with all the content, managed the redirections and all the other issues in a couple of days without any problem, fast and easy, this is what I like to call, done and dusted!
I really like the new style, more graphics and colours, I created a new about area and now I need to fix my categories and adding some more new content, the new look definitely motivates me on working more around it.

I have a very nice relationship with the BizTalk360 team and this nice relationship grown up any time more, any event we take the opportunity to enjoy time together, speaking about technologies and have fun.

I’m always happy to collaborate with them, the company is very solid with very strong experts inside and their products, BizTalk 360, TOP product in the market for BizTalk Server and ServiceBus 360, TOP product in the market for Microsoft Azure ServiceBus, prove the level of quality and the effort that this company is able to do, I’m always impressed by the productivity of this team.

We also have some plans around BizTalk NoS Ultimate, best tool ever to optimize the productivity during the BizTalk Server development but this is classified for now

Most of all I’m happy for this new opportunity to work closer together.

Thank you guys you are rock!

Author: Nino Crudele

Nino has a deep knowledge and experience delivering world-class integration solutions using all Microsoft Azure stacks, Microsoft BizTalk Server and he has delivered world class Integration solutions using and integrating many different technologies as AS2, EDI, RosettaNet, HL7, RFID, SWIFT.