Yesterday I launched “” a community site that will host resources for BizTalk Server and the up and coming Oslo technologies.

The Bloggers Guide to BizTalk 2.0

If you have worked with BizTalk a while you may remember “The Bloggers Guide to BizTalk” which I first published back in October 2004. I’ve updated the BizTalk guide to include the latest contributions and added content from some new blogs. The guide now has about 500 articles.

The Bloggers Guide to Oslo 0.1

The Bloggers Guide to Oslo will follow on from The Bloggers Guide to BizTalk, focussing on the Oslo wave of technologies. V 0.1 has a small amount of content, as most of the people who know anything about Oslo are under NDA at the moment; there is not that much information available in public yet. We can expect this to change around the time of PDC in October, and the content in the guide will increase greatly.

BizTalk & Oslo Webcasts

I’ve uploaded a few webcasts looking at BizTalk Server and BizTalk Services (the two are not related in any way J). I will get to work on adding more webcasts in the future, any suggestions welcome.