Fresh on the heels of the beta 2 release of .NET 4/Visual Studio 2010, the team has been working on supplemental documentation to help you out with evaluation and adoption of WCF and WF in .NET 4.

Last week, two sets of documentation went live:

  • WF4 Migration Guidance: The WF team updated the documents to .NET Beta 2. We posted the documents up to the Downloads site mid last week.
  • B1->B2 Breaking Changes: The team also created a document that outlines the breaking changes between Beta 1 and Beta 2 of the .NET Framework 4.

We have a couple of new migration guidance documents in their final authoring/reviewing stages, and I hope to have them published out to the Downloads site by the time PDC comes around.

It’s exciting times having the second beta bits out, seeing what folks are doing with the new capabilities in .NET 4, and hearing from some customers that they are planning on taking advantage of the ”Go Live” License that is available with the Beta 2 release.

At any rate – happy Monday all – enjoy the docs and the new beta! If you’re heading to PDC and want to grab lunch with someone from the team while at the event, remember to drop me a note. BTW – I saw the shirts for the event last week – they look real nice!