We’ll be holding our next .NET Campsight — Building Connected Systems event in Redmond, WAon September 18-22 at the Redmond Town Center (awesome venue).
If you’re not sure what this event is all about, read this explanation.
The course is constantly evolving along with the latest Connected Systems technologies. In this 5th edition, we’re notching up the amount of .NET 3.0 coverage to about 20-25%. The rest will continue to focus on shipping technologies, best practice guidance, architecture/design, and of course future migration. It’s basically designed to be a one-stop-shop for building Microsoft Connected Systems today and tomorrow.
We’re also excited to have some awesome guest speakers lined up from the various product teams at Microsoft. You’ll hear from folks working on these next generation technologies and have a chance to get your toughest questions answered.
See the course description for more details.