Hi all

As many of you know, I am writing this book on
BizTalk along side some great names of the community.

Anyway, I was just writing about the Scope shape for orchestrations and decided to
go through the documentation of this to see if I missed something. And indeed there
was a small detail I missed, which you can find at http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/aa560150(BTS.10).aspx
it states that “You can nest scopes up to 44 levels deep.”

I thought that was a funny number and decided to test it.

So I started adding Scope shapes and at 19 nested Scope shapes I had this:


which looks just fine. BUT, after adding an expression shape to the content of the
19’th Scope shape and adding the 20’th Scope shape I get this:


which is not fine.

So basically, the orchestration designer will not show you the Scopes at level 20
or deeper. You can still add them, though – and it compiles just fine even at 47 levels
of Scope shapes, actually – haven’t bothered trying more levels than that.

Now, some of you (all of you?) may sit and wonder: Come on, how probable is it that
anyone will do that? An I completely agree – if you get above 10 levels of nested
Scope shapes you are most definitely going in the wrong direction 🙂 I just wanted
to see if the documentation was correct on this.

I hope this will help someone, but it probably won’t 🙂