A little late on this post, but my excuse is that I’ve been traveling pretty much since I left HDC.  I had a great time at the show this year as Pluralsight was able to have a significant presence with our marketing team (Meagon) and three speakers (myself, Kent, and Aaron).  I wish I was the one leaving with that ZuneHD, but I’m pretty sure the lucky winner is enjoying it.  Hopefully folks who attended have checked out there free week of Pluralsight On-Demand so they can see what we are doing with our online training – customers are telling me they really love being able to go online anytime and watch a knowledgeable instructor walk them through some content. 

The show was well organized and had a lot of cool social and networking opportunities.  I’m really glad we have a show like this in the midwest, and hope we can build on the HDC model to have more in the years to come. 

Here are the materials from my two talks at HDC. I’ve included a Beta 2 update for the WF4 sample code since Beta 2 shipped just days after the conference.  Hopefully that will make the transition easier for those of you who attended.