There was a delay in posting this, but just wanted to write a quick note on the MVP Summit that I attended last week (March 12 – March 15)

Overall this was an awesome event, well organized, great sessions.

Thanks to Sasha Krsmanovic (MVP Lead – Canada) who provided all the Canadian MVP’s with Red Olympic Hockey Jerseys worn on the 2nd day of the summit.  This really pumped up the Canadian MVP’s at Bill Gate’s key note that carried on during the  rest of the Summit. I received quite of few comments from other non Canadian MVP’s about the jersey even when I wasn’t wearing the jersey on day 3 of the summit

First couple of days at the summit I was hanging out with fellow MVP Objectsharpees
(past/present and future?):
Barry Gervin  
Bruce Johnson 
Rob Winsdor   
Matt Cassel   
Jean Luc David
Justin Lee

Next couple of days of the summit, I was at the BizTalk/ Connected Systems Division specific sessions.

Below are some of the BizTalk MVP’s at the summit. The below list does not cover all of the 
attendees, but some are as below:

Tomas Restrepo 
Brian  Loesgen 
Scott  Cairney 
Ibrahim  Gokalp
Paul  Somers  
Stephen Thomas
Alan Smith    
Romualdas Stonkus
Jon  Flanders 
Jesus Rodriguez 
Mick  Badran 
Scott Colestock 
Jon Fancey     
Jeff Juday           
Charles Young    

Here are a few posts on the content of the BizTalk/Connected System MVP sessions.


Finally a big thanks to Marjan Kalantar (Microsoft’s Connected Systems Division Community 
Lead), who put together and organized an eclectic spread of talks that covered the Connected 
Systems Division and the informal sessions with the Product groups.