The next conference will be on April 4th 2009 in Chicago.

Steve Aylward – General Manager Health and Life Sciences Microsoft

Watched the future of Microsoft in healthcare video.

Microsoft is making a huge investment in healthcare.

It took 4 releases (10 years) to outsell MSDOS

It took 9 releases (11 years) to become most popular word processor

It took 5 releases (10 years) to become the leading spreadsheet

$8 billion in R&D, a large (no numbers as far as percentage directed directly at Healthcare, but a large portion)

In 2000, MS had 63 employees dedicated to Healthcare.

Amalga – Health Information System – not available in the US. Designed for the emerging markets. (used to be called Global Care)

Amalga – Unified Intelligence System – not limited to caregivers, but can be customized to end users

HealthVault – Internet health platform that enables third parties to create applications to stored personalized health care information