Okay, GotDotNet is way too slow getting stuff up. I guess they have to proofread and be careful since it is a public site. So, in the mean time, my friend (not my boss which appears to be the impression some people have. Scott and I got a good laugh) Scott Woodgate has let me put the doc on a private site of his. So this doc is now available at:


Take a look, read it over, use it when appropriate, send feedback. It has a lot of useful information on how to gather information programmatically from the msgbox. Hopefully all of this type of information will be exposed as perf counters, or through a BTS UI or some apis in the next release, but for now, here you go. I believe Paul Somers has also spent some time and might be making available a tool which will convert these queries into perf counters which you can adminster and monitor. I hope this helps a lot of you out.