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Yes, it has been 6 months since we launched Middleware Friday! Saravana announced the launch of Middleware Friday in the first week of this year.  After a fair success from Integration Monday events under Integration User Group, Saravana and Kent had the idea to experiment this concept of short video blogs on some interesting Integration topics and interviews from industry leaders. In a larger view, Middleware Friday is something very much like a short news update on the latest Integration trends posted on every Friday.

Six Months and 26 sessions later…

We’ve had 23 sessions from Kent Weare and 3 guest sessions from Steef-Jan Wiggers (both of them are eminent MVP’s, and active community members) till date, with topics ranging from Logic Apps, Power Apps, Service Bus, Power BI, Cognitive Services, Serverless Integration, HTTP Connectors, API Management and lots more. We would like to extend our thanks to the speakers and attendees for making the #MiddlewareFriday sessions a success. We’re not done yet! One of the hardest parts in conducting these kinds of video logs is being short and yet deliver fair technical output that would help the viewer. We are very pleased with the outcome so far.

Protecting Azure Logic Apps with Azure API Management

Azure Logic Apps and Service Bus Peek-Lock

Logic Apps and Cognitive Services Face API – Part 1

Microsoft PowerApps and Cognitive Services Face API – Part 2

Serverless Integration

Logic Apps and Power BI Real-Time Data Sets

Azure Monitoring, Azure Logic Apps and Creating ServiceNow Tickets

Monitoring Azure Service Bus Queues and Topics using ServiceBus360

Azure Logic Apps and SAP – Part 1

Azure Logic Apps and SAP – Part 2

Azure Logic Apps and HTTP Connector

Using API Management to protect on-premises BizTalk endpoints

Global Integration Bootcamp – March 25, 2017, New York

Using API Management to protect Azure Functions

Introduction to Azure Functions Proxies

Azure Logic Apps and Azure EventHubs

BizTalk Server 2016 First Look

BizTalk Server 2016 + Logic Apps – Thunder and Lightning

BizTalk Server 2016 Feature Pack 1

Task Management Face off with Logic Apps and Flow

Austin City Limits with Stephen W. Thomas

Azure Logic Apps – Retry Policy

Azure Logic Apps – Azure Active Directory Connector

Azure Event Hubs: Auto-Inflate

INTEGRATE 2017 Preview Show

INTEGRATE 2017 Highlight Show

Over the course of next few weeks until further communication, Kent will be moving his time schedule to summer hours. Therefore, Middleware Friday episodes will be published every alternate week.

Author: Mohan Nagaraj

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