Microsoft has a long history of taking hard problems and making them simple.  Twenty years ago simple word processing was a domain for experts.  Five years ago spinning up a simple intranet site for team collaboration required heavy assistance from IT and ongoing support well beyond the demands of its usefulness.  In the last several years Microsoft has made great strides in the SOA and Business Process Management space that will be equally transformative.


Your Microsoft account executive will work with you to determine just how impactful a SOA and BPM solution could be. To get started with your project,  Microsoft is providing an extra incentive. If you purchase the SOA and Business Process Pack between September 1, 2007 and February 29, 2008 you will receive a 10% discount from the total price of the individual products. 


Here is some additional reference material which you may find helpful:


1.      How to get started with SOA (see the attached/downloadable brochure) ESB Guidance

2.      Patterns and Prescriptive Architecture Guidance for Healthcare:

a.       Healthcare: Health Connection Engine;

b.       Consumer Engagement Reference Architecture (CERA)

3.      Office Business application (OBA) Reference Application Packs (RAPs) for Vertical Industries:

a.      Financial Services: Loan Origination Systems (OR-LOS)

b.      Manufacturing: Price Management; Supply Chain Management

c.       Public Sector: E-Forms Processing

d.      Retail: Store Operations

4.      Training:  Provided by Quicklearn, see their class at: