It’s a busy month 😉


"Oslo" is the code name for Microsoft’s next generation modeling platform. This CTP includes:

  • "Quadrant" – a visual modeling tool
  • "M" – a modeling language
  • Repository – a SQL Server 2008 database to store models
  • UML domain models and a loader to import UML diagrams in XMI format into the repository
  • CLR domain models and a loader to import .NET assemblies into the repository

New in this CTP:

  • The "Quadrant" modeling tool. Use Quadrant to browse and edit models in a repository database.
  • Domain models for the UML 2.1 specification encompassing Use Case, Activity, Class, Sequence, Component diagrams, profiles and templates.
  • An XMI importer supporting the 2.1 specifications, and covering the diagrams identified above.
  • A domain model and loader for System.Runtime.