I think I might spend more time now communicating with family and friends on social sites than via email. I tend to use Facebook more with my family and local friends, and Twitter more with work colleagues and my virtual friends. 

You can follow me on Twitter here.  And you can find me on Facebook here.

Like most people, at first I didn't "get" Twitter but now it would be hard to go without it. Watch this for a good Twitter explanation in plain English.

If you're new to Facebook, you should watch this video that brings many of its concepts to real life.  😉

A lot of my fellow Pluralsight wonks also hang out on Twitter. You can find all of our individual Twitter/Facebook links on our Technical Staff page.

In addition, Pluralsight has a company profile on Twitter that you can follow here to keep tabs on what's happening around Pluralsight in real-time. You'll be the first to find out about new screencasts, on-demand! modules, new course offerings, and specific projects, articles, and whitepapers that our authors/instructors are actively working on. There's also a Pluralsight Facebook group if you prefer that community instead.