This is in continuation to the previous post, where we discussed the differences in the XML structure used by the old SAP adapter and the new WCF SAP Adapter. In a transactional scenario, the old adapter uses the context property named ‘ConnectionType’. This context property is present in the new adapter too, with a few changes, which we illustrate here.

The corresponding values for the context property ’ConnectionType’ in the old and the new adapters are as follows:

1. OPENREUSE: Open a new connection for reuse. Equivalent in new adapter is ‘OPEN
2. REUSECONNECTION: Reuse an existing cached connection. Equivalent in new adapter is ‘REUSE‘.
3. REUSECLOSECONNECTION: Reuse open connection and then close it. Equivalent in new adapter is ‘CLOSE‘.

In addition to the above, the new adapter provides an additional value ‘ABORT‘, which closes the connection after the current call is made despite of any exceptions that may occur. This value does not have an equivalent in the old adapter. The WCF SAP Adapter documentation discusses this context property in more detail.

The pipeline component included with the preceding post (here) has now been updated to map the old adapter’s context property ’ConnectionType’ to that of the new adapter – in addition to the XML mapping it already did – making transition from the old adapter to the new one an easy process.