Yes, It’s been quite a while since my last blog post!  A lot has been happening internally including a job move for me to the Solution Architecture team in MCS as a Solution Architect from the fantastic Application Development Consulting (ADC) team.

I still retain my strong technical focus you’ll be pleased to know and I don’t think I’ll be getting away from BizTalk anytime soon J

I’ve been doing a lot of work in the “fluffy cloud” space in recent months and will be presenting a rather complex session at our internal technical event later this month.

This work has included pulling together a fictional scenario which demonstrates stitching together SQL Server Data Services (SSDS), Cloud Services (Connectivity, Identify and Workflow) and good old BizTalk to address challenges with “today’s” technologies and enable new possibilities.

It’s been an interesting experience, not everything can be done right now as both SSDS and the Cloud Services are still in the CTP phase and missing certain features but the future looks very interesting.

More on this over the next few days and weeks plus after my presentation and demo is over I’ll post the code and more details on my fictional scenario so you can take a look and see what I’ve been tinkering with.

My other pet project has been a BizUnit DSL tool to enable graphical visualization and editing of BizUnit tests, again more soon hopefully