When selecting a new technology platform, everyone loves to know the platform has already been proven out in production in some other organizations. (Let them find all the bugs and issues! Not us!). With that in mind, I wanted to call out the new case study that we have published for one of our location Canadian BizTalk partners and BizTalk 2010. QLogitek (http://www.qlogitek.com) is a cloud based provider of B2B services and Trading Partner Management. They have been operating for years on a platform that they built mostly in house. With the release of BizTalk 2010 and its enhanced EDI and TPM capabilities, QLogitek decided that it was time to migrate off their custom legacy code and onto the Microsoft platform. They join out Technology Adopter Program (TAP) and started to build out a SOA based verison of the EDI/TPM platform using the BizTalk 2010 beta.  I’ll let the case study (at http://www.microsoft.com/casestudies/Microsoft-SQL-Server-2008-R2-Enterprise/QLogitek/Supply-Chain-Integrator-Relies-on-Microsoft-Platform-to-Facilitate-20-Billion-in-Business/4000008714) speak for itself, but I did want to call out a couple of quotes:

  1. With its flexible solution based on the Microsoft platform, QLogitek can provide real-time access to transactional data and quickly launch new offerings. The company can also deploy B2B platforms for new enterprise customers up to 75 percent faster.
  2. “With Intelligent Mapper, we can look at a purchase order with 100,000 line items and visually create complex mappings 30 to 40 percent faster than we could in the past.
  3. “We can add a single trading partner to an established B2B platform 90 percent faster, and we expect to reduce the time and cost of adding new enterprise customers by 75 percent.”

Also, I wanted to send my congrats to the Qlogitek team for a great job done while working with the beta.

Cheers and stay connected: