Have you ever created a custom monitoring or troubleshooting tool (or data store)
for working with BizTalk, and wanted the ability to launch the HAT (Health and Activity
Tracker) tool in a particular context?  Here are the command line parameters
that will enable you to do just that…

First, though you can typically launch the HAT tool from “C:\Program Files\Microsoft
BizTalk Server 2006\BTSHatApp.exe”, for a production tool you probably want to read
the install location of BizTalk from the registry at “SOFTWARE\Microsoft\BizTalk

The command line syntax looks like:

BTSHatApp.exe “btshat:“ViewName:<OrchDebugger|MessageFlow|SvcInstQuery>
MgmtSvr:<your server> MgmtDb:<your mgmt db> SvcInstId:<service instance
id> [MsgId:]<optional msg id>””

OrchDebugger and MessageFlow bring up the expected HAT views that you are familiar
with.  SvcInstQuery will actually open the BizTalk Admin console, with a query
set up so you can see a live service instance with associated messages, etc.

You can also launch with the name of a saved tracking query, as in:

BTSHatApp.exe "c:\program files\microsoft biztalk server 2006\tracking\queries\MessagesSentInPastDay.trq"

The BizTalk management pack for Microsoft Operations Manager appears to use this command
line interface so that it can provide built-in tasks to launch HAT with the context
present in captured event log entires.  This means that if you have the MOM operator
console installed on a machine that is joined to a BizTalk group, you have a
nicely integrated set of troubleshooting tools.