Hey guys, I’ve got a couple of seats left for some MOSS 2007 training at the end
of this month

If you’re wondering what all this WSS/MOSS stuff is all about, I’ll be running an equally
focused MOSS developer and administration
course very soon 🙂

What do I ned to say about moss? (if you’re using/developing/designing
and implementing – come along and fine out what works and what doesnt. Save you a
whole lot of head banging later – unless you’re at AC/DC 🙂

Who should go:
– If you have a SPS V2 site you’re thinking of upgrading, deployment, farms
structures and capacity planning.

– developers – if you’re currently building/designing Web based solutions, spend a
couple of days looking at what WSS gives you for free! (it’s just like another framework
within the .NET System space – use what ever parts you want)

– you’re curious about what is WSS V3/MOSS/FormsServices/Excel/Infopath web based
solutions and must be fluent in 3 languages (that part I made up 🙂 – reminded me
of a job description I saw one day)

Check it out – I’ve managed to reserve a couple of seats.

Course details:
When: Jun 25th – Jun 28th
Where: Sydney

Further Details

p.s. we run the course in conjunction with Dimension
Data Learning Solutions
to give you the best experience possible.