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An issue reported by our BizTalk Application Support team about the orchestrations in Active state but does nothing and hang around for ages. These orchestrations was generated by the de-batching of XML node to insert individual records into the SQL Database using WCF-SQL Adapter. Initially there were 2000 odd nodes in the XML which spun 2000 orchestrations. Around 1500 got processed and inserted into the SQL Server correctly but 500 looks like they become passive instead of active status in the group hub. Luckily we can replicate this issue in out Pre-Prod environment. When we debug the orchestration found that each orchestration is waiting to receive Ack response from WCF-SQL, and these 500 wasn’t inserted into the tables.

We thought may be this issue is due to the worker/thread combination ran out, but we were wrong. I decided to change the Send port host handler to use 32-bit host instance instead of 64-bit. Luckily that did the trick and all the orchestration went to completion state.

I’m still not sure why 64-bit host instance behave abnormally? If anyone have a best solution for this issue please feel free to write back.

Note: The design of de-batching XML and spinning 1000 orchestrations to only insert records into Database is useless, we should not design such process, it will impact the performance of the BizTalk Server, instead we should use Single orchestration with Composite Operation on WCF-SQL Send port, which is mentioned in my below post.