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Last week, June 26th to 28th, Integrate 2017 was once again held in London. This is the largest integration centered event, and a great way to have fun with the community, see amazing sessions, and get to meet the product groups. I have been to these events since the beginning, and have seen it grow into one of the best events around.

Last year at Integrate, we got introduced to the vision of Hybrid Integration, a way of seamlessly integrating across the cloud and on-premises. This year, what we saw was a matured vision, with all the bits and pieces falling into place, and giving us the tools to build great solutions. I think Microsoft made a good bet on this, as we see more and more of these hybrid integrations being built at our customers, where some of the data or logic will remain on premises, but they do want to leverage the power and flexibility of Azure.


The Microsoft teams as well as the MVP’s had very engaging sessions, which truly inspired people to get their hands on all the parts of the hybrid platform.

I always love seeing the sessions, getting the latest information, and being inspired, but the best part of these events to me is the interaction with the community. I think we have one of the best communities around, and so it’s great to catch up with old friends from around the globe, and of course making a lot of new friends as well. I recommend anyone to visit one of these events for themselves, and just say hi to people you do not know yet. People are always willing to have a chat, share their inspiration and experiences, and catch a beer afterwards.

And for those who can’t wait another year for Integrate, there’s good news, as we will be having an Integrate in Redmond, on October 25th to 27th. If you could not come to London, or just can’t get enough of Integrate and our amazing community, be sure to come. I’m looking forward to seeing you there, so come and say hi.


As one of the global organizers of the Global Integration Bootcamp, I am proud to say we have also presented next year’s version of this global event. We will be holding GIB2018 on March 24th 2018, if you want to host your own location just drop us a line. The website will be updated soon, but you can already find our contact details there.

Of course, I am not the only one posting about this year’s amazing Integrate, there are already a couple of great recaps out there, here are some you cannot miss.

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