BizTalk User Group Sweden has invited Stephen W. Thomas to come to Sweden and talk about Dublin. We are looking forward to an exiting evening with Stephen talking about what’s coming in the (near) future, along with demos using the very latest bits.

If you are in Stockholm at the 4th of June, don’t miss this opportunity!

Topic: Inside the Windows Application Server Enhancements known as Dublin

Session 1: Walkthrough of Windows Application Server Enhancements code named Dublin

In this session we will review the features of the Windows Application Server Enhancements code named Dublin.  This session will show how to use new and enhanced concepts in the .Net 4.0 framework to empower Services hosted in Windows allowing users insight into service health and activity.

Session 2: Managing, Monitoring, and Deploying Services using Windows Application Server Enhancements

This session takes a deeper dive into Windows Application Server Enhancements by looking in detail at the hosting of a Workflow Service.  This will cover reviewing a web service aggregator Workflow Service, setting up custom tracking, monitoring running services, and import and export of applications.

Stephen W. Thomas started his career with a Chemical Engineering degree from the University of Iowa.  After realizing his passion was actually in software, he went to work for a major consulting firm where he worked on his first Microsoft BizTalk project in early 2001.
Since then Stephen has done consulting work for a number of different clients including many in the Fortune 500.  He was fortunate to get to work with the beta release of BizTalk 2004, BizTalk 2006, and BizTalk 2006 R2 and BizTalk 2009.  Stephen now focuses on all Connected Systems Technologies including the latest improvement in .Net 4.0 (Window Communication Foundation and Windows Workflow) and Dublin.  
Currently, Stephen is an independent consultant focused solely on Microsoft based integration solutions using BizTalk and other Connection System Technologies.
Stephen runs the BizTalk community site and is a 5 year Microsoft Most Valuable Professional in BizTalk Server (  Recent speaking engagements are at the Microsoft’s SOA and BP Conference in January 2009 in Seattle, WA and at Tech Ed in Orlando in 2007.  Book credits include tech reviewer of the BizTalk 2006 Recipes book published by APress.

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