I received an email today about this entry:

I have written a biztalk application ( biztalk 2004) which uses hipaa adapter 3.0 to accept a 835 claim payment schema.The application works fine when edi file supports single transaction set(ST/SE). When i try to process file with multiple ST/SE it reads the first set but ignores the rest.

I also use the logic you’ve provided in your blog to capture file name of the document using correlation set.

The error logged in the event log is as follows

Error encountered: ERROR (121), interchangenr 10744 : An error occurred in the BizTalk Server 2004 connector. Check the details. Document was rejected by BizTalk

What you have to do is set up a correlation set and capture multiple transactions, have a loop shape and receive multiple transactions (each having the same control number (ISA13), and have a timeout value and once that timeout occurs end the orchestration.