Richard Seroter published useful utility to store/retrieve configuration settings in Enterprise SSO database. I added some more functionality to it.

First, I added Export/Import functions allowing to actually save values in the external XML file (Richard’s implementation allowed storing only field names, calling for extra work should you delete and restore SSO aplication). I kept file format the same so the usage scenarios are:

Saving configuration: 1.1 Create application; 1.2 Save to XML; 1.3 Manage application – Retrieve settings; 1.4 Export to XML file created in (1.2).

Restoring previously saved configuration: 2.1 Create application; 2.2 Manage application – Import configuration from file created in (1.4) ; 2.3 Save Changes.

Accordingly, menu items Import/Export available when the Manage Application tab is selected only.

The second part of improvement is where I failed. I added “Select Application” button on the Manage Application tab to browse for available applications in SSO database. Currently, it won’t find any ConfigStore application it will come back with “No Applications Found” message. I left this button on intentionally hoping that some would help me to solve this problem. It appears that neither ISSOMapper nor ISSOMapper2 return list of ConfigStore type SSO application. This API call will return application of types Individual, Group or Host Group but not ConfigStore which is the one we create using this tool. At least with the SSOFlag combination being set (0x140006). I tried different flag combinations but could not make it work. So please let me know.

The code can be downloaded here.