I’m honored to announce that Microsoft has, for a 6th consecutive year, awarded me MVP status.

2008 was a turbulent year, that saw me achieve elite and ultra-elite status with multiple airlines and hotels, with far too many hotel nights and air miles. It feels like I probably spent more time away from home than I did at home.

As we start 2009, we have a lot of fear, uncertainty and change ahead of us. The global economic upheaval that has touched us all will lead to changes which I don’t think we can fully grasp yet, and in that change, will lie opportunities.

One thing is certain though. We as an industry are on an exciting ride. So many enabling technologies have matured to the point that we can use them now to construct systems that only a few short years ago were un-imaginable. I am so excited by the possibilities I see in Oslo/BizTalk/Azure/Dublin/WF/WCF. No matter what lies ahead, I plan to continue on that voyage, and blog about the trip we’re all on. There will be lots to talk about…

Happy New Year!