…but not the way it was before.

My Russian blog on Technet is flooded with readers, and I am wondering if I could bring some of that value to English-speaking audience.

First, while I still will publish an occasional technical piece or two, the topics will be much more diverse and more aligned with my interests. Which includes management (no, I don’t want to manage, been there, done that, did not like it, I am just interested in theory), teams dynamics, evolutionary approaches to society and management, corporate parasites (no, that’s not just a rude analogy, that’s a precise term), and an occasional piece or two on other topics from science to my personal adventures.

And, just in case somebody don’t understand it, no Windows Home Server articles. Sorry. When I published my previous article half a year ago, I really meant it. Ciao, Bambino, Sorry. No Windows Home Server for me.