Folks – it’s been one of those weeks (I know it’s only Tues 🙂

I just got to a point where I was just opening up tooo many RDP connections, managing
them – some using Terminal Services Gateways, others not.

Configuring BTS boxes/SQL Servers/MOSS/Indexers/Search….. and the list goes on.

From client to client or even our network internally – my head was rapidly filling
up with these random ip addresses that I wished I didn’t have to remember.

So I wanted to have a way simply to manage all these windows (a crude version I wrote
some years back was simply to drop 6 RDP ActiveX controls onto a web page an knock
yourself out).

I needed:

– to work on Vista and Win2008 as well as the other list of usual suspects.

– be able to set Terminal Services Gateway on some.

They panned out as follows:

  1. Remote Desktops – found in Win2K3 Admin Tools SP1, which is OK as
    it presents a simple tree view and you’re away.
  2. Terminals (currently 1.7) – SENSATIONAL!!! I almost wanted to get
    VNC etc just to use those bits.
    It’s got – network tools, port scanners just absolutely brilliant, a well polished
    application with a very very handy toolbar.
    Only ONE problem for me……no TSG support 🙁   – forums
    state this is planned….. 🙂

    Check out TERMINALS HERE

  3. Royal TS – Supports RDP Terminal Service Gateway Connections 🙂
    So this one for the moment is one that I’m going with, just downloading .NET 3.5 SP1
    as we speak and about to fire this up on Vista (x86).

    Does a very good job at managing RDP connections, it doesn’t support any of the other

    Presents a TreeView allowing groupings of connections (although I had to ‘Create a
    Document’ first)

    Check out Royal TS HERE




Terminals *would* be the one I’d go for if it supported TSG connections……have
to check back shortly.