Eric (MS) has been working hard in providing us (loving your work Eric!) with updated
BizTalk documentation.
The folks are doing a great job over all of this. This is a massive PDF – a single
one which encompasses a great deal of things within it.

Here’s the email I got earlier.

We have provided a new, updated Monster
PDF of the BizTalk Server 2006 documentation set.  It is also available off
of a link on the BizTalk Server 2006 Developer Center at
Highlights include:

%u00b7         The
PDF is in a self-extracting zip file that is approximately 57megs.
%u00b7         The
PDF tips the scales at  117 megabytes and includes almost 20,000 pages.
%u00b7         Links
are rendered in blue with underlines but do not work. This may be addressed
in a future enhancement.
%u00b7         Searching
may be slow due to the size of the document.
%u00b7         Feedback,
banners, and other content items have been removed to improve the PDF experience.

If you have any comments including ideas for PDF subset collections or for other content,
please send them along.