I haven't posted for a while I've just finished work on a Banks SOA framework written with extensive use of WCF (which is very very extensible!). Started work implementing their Kiwisaver group investments initiative in BizTalk 2006 R2. We were one of the first out of the blocks in utilising the R2 WCF adapter (could be a bit more configurable), the WCF interceptor and AS2 adapter (interesting BAM continuations). Then after 3 years I decided to leave Synergy and go freelance for a while before moving back to the UK. On the same day I left Synergy I sold my bach and bought a new investment property so it's been busy.

It's been a truly fabulous 3 years working for Synergy International in New Zealand which has recently been re-branded as Fronde. For those of you looking for a change to kick start career development this professional organisation is continuing to grow in all the right directions, they offer great training opportunities, working and learning from very experienced people in a family oriented enviroment.

Well for the next few months I'm integrating a portfolio CRM to an investment banks core trading systems again in BizTalk among other things using BAM for system testing which I will post on later.