In case you’re not up on it, there’s a great Sharepoint conference in the winds (well
less than 6 wks away actually) – in Sydney at the Hilton

Here’s the conference
registration details if you’re up to come.

I’ve been asked to present a couple of sessions at the conference which I can now
share with you guys:

Session Title: Essentials 2: ASP.NET Web Parts, Master Pages, and Data Rendering
Audience: Developer

I’ll be talking about Web Parts and Web Part structure, also how to create your own
Master Pages to fully customise your sites (far cry easier than Sharepoint V2.0….but
I won’t go there……my therapist says I’m doing fine smile_eyeroll).

As always the DataView webpart is essential and we can do some pretty phenominal things
with the latest version included in WSS V3.0.

Session Title: Essentials 4: Templates, Definitions, and Solution Deployment
Audience: Developer

Have you been getting tied up in CAML, dreamt about it lately? nightmares…….well
in V3.0 we want to move far away from it.

Deployment of Sharepoint customisations/sites and your fantastic new webparts generally
involve a great number of files and assemblies not to mention App.Config files that
may need modifications.

In WSS 3.0 – your next new…sorry best friend should be features!!! These
are the best things since sliced bread…….they affect future creation of items
as well as current sites, lists etc etc.

Come along and hear the full story…….. 🙂


Angus Logan has done (as always) a great job in organising this event and there are
some serious Sharepoints heavyweights presenting at the conference as well as the
key members from the Prod. Team coming from the US.


make the conference……….get some serious Sharepoint
Bootcamp Training that we are partnering with DDLS provide public training all around

It’s been going like wild fire with courses filling up faster than we can put them

One thing I can tell you about Sharepoint V3.0 is that it’s a huge product. Come and
explore it together……smile_regular