Have you ever wanted to speak to Microsoft developers of a specific feature of BizTalk Server? I am sure your answer was “Yes let me at them”, so the Business Process Integration Division is extending an invitation to all customers to join our key feature developers, program managers, and testers in the following newsgroups:

  • microsoft.public.biztalk.accelerator.forsuppliers

  • microsoft.public.biztalk.newuser

  • microsoft.public.biztalk.accelerator.rosettanet

  • microsoft.public.biztalk.admin

  • microsoft.public.biztalk.appintegration

  • microsoft.public.biztalk.framework

  • microsoft.public.biztalk.general

  • microsoft.public.biztalk.library

  • microsoft.public.biztalk.nonxml

  • microsoft.public.biztalk.orchestration

  • microsoft.public.biztalk.sdk

  • microsoft.public.biztalk.server

  • microsoft.public.biztalk.setup

  • microsoft.public.biztalk.tools

  • microsoft.public.biztalk.xlangs

  • microsoft.public.biztalk.xsharp

We’ve been working very hard over the past year to connect with folks just like you and want to include you in our community of Most Valuable Professionals (MVP), developers, information technology professionals, chief information officers, chief executive officers, or any other role within large, medium, and small companies that hang out in our online newsgroup communities. We want to have you join in this vibrant online community to ask those questions you always wanted to ask but did not know where to go. Well, now you know where to go, we want you to come on in and join us!

If you are new to BizTalk Server, try out the NewUser newsgroup, Microsoft.public.biztalk.newuser.

We’re offering two levels of interaction with Microsoft Corporation employees as follows:

  1. Managed Newsgroup Support
  2. Unmanaged Newsgroup Support

Managed Newsgroup Support

MSDN managed newsgroups are available in English to MSDN Universal, Enterprise, Professional and Operating Systems subscribers to receive free technical support on select Microsoft technologies as well as to share ideas with other subscribers. MSDN managed newsgroups provide:

  • Unlimited on-line technical support – keep your PSS incidents
  • A commitment to respond to your post within two business days
  • Over 200 newsgroups to choose from
  • Spam protection for your e-mail address when posting items

Go to the following URL to sign up: http://msdn.microsoft.com/newsgroups/managed .  These newsgroups are monitored by Microsoft support engineers and product group team member as described above.

Unmanaged Newsgroup Support

MSDN unmanaged newsgroups are available to all individuals.

Go to the following URL to participate: http://msdn.microsoft.com/newsgroups. These newsgroups are monitored by Microsoft product group members, other customers like you, most valuable professionals, and various other individuals.

Questions, suggestions, and direct feedback can be sent to me.

James Fort

BPI Community Lead