Hey folks, I’ve been flat chat lately burning the candle at both ends getting ready
for my sessions at TechEd/Deep Dives.

In a *spare* moment – I am asked to do a Channel9 GeekSpeak session – talking
about Workflow
and BizTalk Integration
(I’ve had my xbox360 confiscated for 1 month to help me get through
this month – that’s a story for another time 🙂

This session is on tomorrow morning – so for those of you feeding babies, can’t sleep
etc. I’d love to have you along for moral support as this will be my very
first session in Geek Speak

So if you’re up for a 5am – 6am start Thursday morning I’ll see you there. Put something
Aussie in your nick name!

I’ll be posting the demo code on this post as well!