Earlier in October, at our Professional Developer Conference (PDC), we made some exciting announcements regarding the future and roadmap of Windows Azure AppFabric.

If you want to learn more regarding these announcements you can visit the Windows Azure AppFabric website, and also read content and watch sessions from PDC.

Today, we wanted to highlight a paper the leading analyst firm Gartner published following PDC regarding these roadmap announcements.

Here is a quick summary and link to the paper:

Windows Azure AppFabric: A Strategic Core of Microsoft’s Cloud Platform (Gartner, November 15, 2010) Examines Microsoft’s strategy with Windows Azure AppFabric and the AppFabric services, concluding that “continuing strategic investment in Windows Azure is moving Microsoft toward a leadership position in the cloud platform market, but success is not assured until user adoption confirms the company’s vision and its ability to execute in this new environment.”

This reinforces that the investments we are making in Windows Azure AppFabric are leading us in the right direction in the cloud.

Besides the exciting roadmap, Windows Azure AppFabric provides great capabilities and benefits already today. So be sure to try it out using our free trial offer.

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