I’ve been playing around with a funny error message in ConfigFramework. It says “The Operation Completed Successfully“, but it’s a Retry/Cancel message box, where you get looped until you press cancel… The details found in the log file talk about failiure to modify a COM+ Application. It also happened to a colleage, as he has posted more details in his eXtreme.NET blog.

I solved it changing the identity of MSDTC to the Network Service system identity and restarting MSDTC (I also relaxed the security allowing remote administration of MSDTC, but I’m not sure if it helped). Anyways, I think you can change these settings back to the old values after running ConfigFramework, since the error is about creating and configuring the COM+ App, not about running it.

update: this “The operation completed successfully” translates to “Connection with the transaction manager was lost”. So it’s in deed a problem of servers communicating via MSDTC. My concrete case is due to use local accounts for MSDTC identity in a workgroup environment, so the servers cannot authenticate each other. This case is documented in Bug: MSDTC Fails to Mutually Authenticate

Helpful articles: in case you want more documentation:

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Here’s the pic, just for curious ones: