Performance has been  one of the more popular topics at the Swedish BizTalk user group, where we’ve had both Darren Jefford and Paolo Salvatori as previous speakers. This event is of a more practical and detailed level, and covers performance considerations from both a setup/configuration perspective as well as from a developer perspective. Ewan and I have been planning this event since mid January, but for various reasons we haven’t been able to do it until now. 

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BizTalk Server Performance: Best practice

Session #1 – Instrument your BizTalk Server

Optimizing and verifying your BizTalk Server installation is not an easy thing to do. The documentation is good but very extensive. This presentation aims to guide you through the most important operations you need to do in order to boost the performance of BizTalk.

Session #2 – Performance Optimization Patterns

This session will present architectural, design, and development patterns to improve BizTalk processing performance. "Performance" can be expressed by latency and/or throughput, and this session will cover aspects of both. This will include pipeline and orchestration patterns to increase throughput, reduce latency, and reduce memory usage during BizTalk processing. We will also cover the results from BizTalk CAT recent Perf engagements.


Ewan Fairweather

Ewan Fairweather has worked for Microsoft for five years. He currently works as a program manager in the Business Platform Division on the Customer Advisory Team (CAT) working on large scale Integration and OLTP SQL applications.  Prior to this, Ewan spent three years working for Microsoft U.K. in the Premier Field Engineering team where he worked with enterprise customers, helping them to maintain and optimize their BizTalk applications. This included working in a dedicated capacity on some of the world's largest BizTalk deployments, predominantly within financial services.

Ewan coauthored the successful Professional BizTalk Server 2006 (Wrox, 2007) and has written many white papers for Microsoft including the "Microsoft BizTalk Server Performance Optimization Guide," which is available on the Microsoft Developers Network (MSDN) Web site. Prior to joining Microsoft, Ewan worked as a Cisco Certified Academy Instructor (CCAI) for a regional training organization, delivering advanced routing and networking courses. Ewan holds a bachelor's degree in computing with management from the University of Leeds. Outside of work, Ewan's hobbies include reading, taking part in as many sports as possible, and regularly going to the gym.

Ewan maintains his blog at http://blogs.msdn.com/ewanf