I’m REALLY happy to say the the ESB Toolkit 2.0 has been released. As part of the current launch tour I’m doing, I’m telling people that in my opinion the best part of BizTalk Server 2009 is the ESB Toolkit. If you’re a BizTalk dev, you really want it check it out. And, if you’re one of those unfortunates that had installation issues, it’s OK to come back now and try again. I installed a build a couple of weeks ago, took me about 15 minutes total. The team invested a LOT of effort in this area, and it shows.

By sheer coincidence (OK, so I knew rough timeframe, but not to the day :)), I’m doing an overview presentation of it, and showing some really cool dynamic messaging demos, at a user group meeting in San Diego tonight. Meeting will be at 6:30 (pizza at 6:00) at the Microsoft office in La Jolla.

The official team blog announcement is available here.

You can get the bits here.

I’ll be posting more info about this within the next few days, and, if you’re in San Diego tonight, come on by!!