We posted up a new Windows Workflow Foundation (WF) workshop to the Downloads server. The WF XAML Workflow Workshop was created by Steve Danielson to help developers better understand the development of XAML workflows.

The topic of XAML Workflows is a popular one with customers, but there are some common questions about the best way to create and use XAML-only Workflows. This workshop illustrates several XAML Workflow topics to help WF developers better understand this topic.

Topics covered in this workshop include:

  • Different modes of Workflow authoring
  • Host considerations
  • XAML activation
  • Workflow compiler
  • Versioning and deployment
  • Dynamic update
  • Security considerations

The lab is available on downloads section of Microsoft.com. Two MSI files are posted for download, one containing the code and the PowerPoint presentation, and the a second MSI containing the video file. Additionally, you can view the workshop presentation on the MSDN media server (I promise to figure out how to embed WMV files in future posts).