The San Diego .NET User Group will be hosting our first Azure day-long conference on March 6th. This first one will be more overview level, we’re planning at least one other which will be more focused and deeper for later this year, and then perhaps more after that. For this first one, we will be covering:


  • Azure Intro (David Chou)
  • Azure Development (Daniel Egan)
  • SQL Azure (Lynn Langit)
  • Azure AppFabric (Brian Loesgen)


And yes, the way it turned out, all speakers for this are from Microsoft, and David is a fellow co-author from the oh_so_close_to_done_now book I’ve been involved with for quite some time. “SOA with .NET and Windows Azure”.

These conferences are usually a lot of fun and great investments, and this one in particular will be a great way to jump-start your Azure knowledge, or fill in some gaps you may have.

The event page with further details is here. As usual, great discounts for user group members.

Hope to see you there!