Having 3 sessions in 1 day at the conference, this was session number 2.

We had a great session here and all my demos came off again!!! Except for the screen
size and the projector this particular ‘room’ used.
I was presenting at 800×600 – talk about feeling techno chlostrophobic.
I feel like I was in quick sand, trying to gasp for air…but we use what we have.

I was hoping to do an RFID demo but ‘last minute technical difficulties’ forced that
one on the back burner – I had more than enough demos for this session.

Thanks to all the folks that attended this – I had fun as I hope you did.
This session made the top ten sessions at TechEd! Whooo hooo

The demos went something like:

  1. Publishing and Consuming WCF Services from R2 – published a couple
    of Orchestrations and consumed the published WCF WS Service from a basic client app.
    I then moved the published IIS WCF WS Service into the BTS Instance host by using
    a custom WCF Adapter and configuring it accordingly.
    Next I exposed the same service as a Socket Address – all called
    from the same client with no code recompile. Which is what we want to highlight using
    WCF Services.

    I then fired up a WCF WF Webservice and consumed it from BizTalk – all pretty simple,
    but good to highlight.

  2. For the second major demo I created a WF workflow and using the BizTalk Extensions
    for Workflow, hosted this within BizTalk.

Slide Deck:
Demos: BizTalk
TechEd2007 demos.zip