In order to send and receive messages from SAP you need to have the correct schemas generated from SAP.
To successfully generate those schemas you need following prerequisites installed.

·         BizTalk – SAP LOB Adapter SDK SP2

·         BizTalk – Adapter Pack 2.0

·         BizTalk – SAP client libraries 

Create a new project in Visual Studio. Click “Add Generated Items”. 

Select “Consume Adapter Service”.


Select the “sapBinding” and press “Configure”.
Configure the URI properties (application server host, the gateway host, the gateway service, the system number, the client, programid) and credentials provided.



When the configuration is finished press the “Connect button”.
In the following sceen you can Select Client (Outbound operations) or Server (Inbound Operations), then you can select the IDOC you want.
Be sure to select the correct version of the IDOC. Select the Send or Receive operation and click “OK” to generate the schema.


 Generating a schema will provide you with the correct schemas and a binding file that you can use to setup the receive or send port.
(See blog post: “Communication with SAP through WCF custom adapter – Send and Receive Ports”)



Enjoy !

Glenn Colpaert