Now that the Commerce Server development team has shipped their flagship product, they’ve started to publish some great new posts about using Commerce Server 2007. If you don’t already subscribe to these blogs, you really should!


Nihit Kaul [MSFT] – SDET (Super Dude Especially Testing) has posted a bunch of great tips for working with Commerce Server 2007. Nihit is a great guy and accomplished developer/tester who frequents the microsoft.public.commerceserver newsgroups, helping out folks with their CS development issues.

CS 2007: Things you didn’t know about the Customer and Orders Manager UI

CS 2007: Running Pipelines in a Console Application

CS 2007: How to display a custom user profile definition in the Customer and Orders Manager?

CS 2007: Where is my CreditCardNumber?


Alan Faulkner [MSFT] – SDET (Another Super Dude and Great Proof Reader) has also been busy with some really good posts explaining the inner workings of Commerce Server 2007. If you liked my recent TechNet article about using the new Orders Adapter, thank Alan. He was kind enough to proof read it during the early stages!

Error Connecting to Sql Server when running Data Warehouse Import Wizard

How to generate trace output for the Commerce Server Adapters

Commerce Server Adapter Message Schemas Shipped in SDK

Why isn’t my Commerce Server Events recorded in Data Warehouse Analytic Reports?

Order Adapter’s Status Values


Vinayak Tadas [MSFT] – CSCG (Commerce Server Catalog Genius) has some really in-depth posts about the Catalog subsystem that anyone using CS2007 should read again and again.

Securing the catalog system

Improving the catalog search experience in Commerce Server 2007

Implementing Thesaurus support in the catalog system

New Catalogset features in Commerce Server 2007

Caching in the catalog system


Vinod Kumar [MSFT] – TM (The Man!) has also begun publishing some excellent posts, especially if you plan to extend the new Orders system in Commerce Server 2007.

Orders DataMigration From CS2002/2000 to CS2007

Extensibility Notes

Changing Column Matching for OrderTemplate and Basket Persistence

Mapping Weakly Typed Properties to Storage

Extending the Orders System


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