Clemens Vasters was kind enough to round off his visit to Norway and Sweden by presenting a session on Hybrid Applications for the Sweden Windows Azure User Group (SWAG) in Stockholm. After presenting two sessions at TechDays he ditched Power Point and gave a two hour improvised presentation that spread across three whiteboards.

He covered a number of scenarios where the Windows Azure Service Bus could be used to enhance the reach of existing on-premise systems, and also how internet enabled devices can be hooked up to the service bus to provide control and reporting functionality.

Big thanks to Clemens for finding time is his busy schedule to present for us.

If you would like to sign up to the Sweden Windows Azure Group in Stockholm, you can do that here:

If you are in the south of Sweden, or Copenhagen Magnus M%u00e5rtensson, aka noopman, is kicking of a branch of SWAG in Malm%u00f6. The premier event will be at foocafe on Thursday 24th May. The signup for that event is here: