InfoPath 2007, SharePoint 2007 + BizTalk 2006 R2!!

Aloha!!! With PDC currently on over in the US we’re going to be sinking our teeth
into some great material this month.

We’ve had some great discussions this month on our BizTalk Discussions email list
(email me if you want to get on it) – we’ve got around 50 BizTalk User group members
extending out to the US (New York) as well. Email me if you want to get on – it’s
currently invite only.

What’s cooking this month for the group?
I will focus on 3 main key players this month – InfoPath 2007, SharePoint
2007 + BizTalk 2006 R2!!
I’ve had a lot of requests on how to do this and the best way to marry all these
players up at the poker table over the years. Together you can build out some very
powerful forms based solutions (or even some part of exception handling that needs
user input).

Other questions like “Why wouldn’t I use SharePoint Workflow only?”; “Where can I
keep my InfoPath Forms?”; “Where does BizTalk fit in and do I need to install BizTalk
on my SharePoint machine?” …plus a whole bunch of others.
I’ll answer those and more.
If you have SharePoint, and want the full potential of BizTalk…….see you

I’ll give you some specifics…..

Main Event on the night:
– Using InfoPath forms to drive SharePoint and BizTalk solutions.

This session will cover:

1.      What InfoPath forms comprise of.

2.      InfoPath forms communicating to SharePoint and BizTalk
via WCF.

3.      Using SharePoint and BizTalk in Harmony for serious

4.      Gotchas (no there wouldn’t be these…it all just
’works’ 😉

Meeting details:

When: Oct 29, Food at 6pm, kick off 6.30pm. Finish up around 8.30pm.
Where: Microsoft
1 Epping Road
Riverside Corporate Park
North Ryde NSW 2113 Australia.
(parking available)
Speaker: Mick Badran (your trusty User Group Host)

What’s happening in the BizTalk Community:
– PDC is currently going on in the US with new ’CTP’ bits of BizTalk vNext (Oslo),
.NET Framework v4.0 (CTP) and Visual Studio 2010 (ctp) being sampled by the audience.
I’ll share what I can with you guys so bring a HDD just in case – 40GB should cover
it J
Share the User Group Soap Box:
I always welcome a new voice and ideas at our group – if you want to share
your experiences, thoughts, “I wish I can do….. for my solution…”. Then contact
me and I’ll be more than happy to slot you in.
Q. Do you need to have presentation skills: No (just look at me) – can you
tell a story in the office or at the pub? Or at a 3 yr old party? – then I want
Q. Do I need a PowerPoint Slide Deck? – no!!! *death by powerpoint*
is a painful way to go……
Q. Can you capture my ’best’ side? We take you whichever way you are. J

We’re up for a great night – come along and learn how to make your BizTalk
solutions go a long way.

See you there and let me know your coming

Mick (mb: 0404 842 833)