When using XML as your Fact and your Schema resides on a local drive, you may run into problems when moving between environments (Dev, Stage, Prod) as the BRE may have difficulty locating these schemas unless you:

  1. Deploy schema at the same file location on all environments.
  2. Deploy schema at a shared file location on all environments.
  3. Publish the schema on a web server reachable from BizTalk (i.e. http://schema.bigco.com/project_abc.xsd)

If you choose option #2, or #3, there may be further complication with once you have more than one version of schema.

To overcome that, method #3 should be used and you can trick the computer by modifying the hosts file on each of the environment to match the different servers.

dev :   dev_schema.bigco.com
stage:  stage_schema.bigco.com
qa:     qa_schema.bigco.com
uat:    uat_schema.bigco.com
prod:   schema.bigco.com