BizTalk Test Workshop
I’ll be running the first public delivery of the BizTalk Test Workshop I have been creating on the 18-19th of September in Stockholm. It’s a two-day course that covers an introduction to test strategies, and then looks at applying those strategies to a BizTalk project. Unit testing, stress testing, integration testing, functional testing and user acceptance testing are covered. NUnit, VSTS Test, BizUnit and Load Gen will be used as the main testing tools, with InfoPath and Excel used to drive the user acceptance tests. The course will also look at using other diagnostics tools to examine the performance and reliability of a BizTalk Server solution. I’ve already taught the course twice before in private deliveries, so hopefully all the issues with the labs and demos should be ironed out by now.
If you are interested in attending, contact Informator in Stockholm who are hosting the course.
The course will be taught in English.
If you are interested in custom deliveries of the course at your location, feel free to contact me via my blog.
A Short Introduction to Cloud Platforms
David Chappell (the west-coast David Chappell) has published quite a good whitepaper on cloud based platforms, mentioning the foundations, infrastructure and application services that will make up a platform in the cloud. As with the other David-Chappell whitepapers it’s worth a read if you are interested in all things cloud based.
Jon Flanders Presenting in Stockholm
Jon Flanders will be presenting at the BizTalk User Group in Stockholm on September 4th, if you are in the area it will be worth attending, the link for registration is here: