I can’t believe I see more and more recent BizTalk implemenations in production WITHOUT SP1.   With all the issues that we fixed in SP1, any new BizTalk Server 2004 project should simply never go into production without SP1.   I can’t stress that enough.  The product team did phenomenal work raising the bar on the quality of this service pack.   It can be downloaded here

Additionally, I would also recommend that you contact premier support and ask for the following POST SP1 fixes, if you encounter any of the issues described below…which you undoubtedly will.

  1. lDatabase Functoid Caching – you’ll see this if you’re using our database functoid…just get it if you are trying to use our database functoids.

  2. lDelivery Notification forcing dehydration of orchestration – you’ll see this if using DN in orchestration….another “just get it” if you are using DN.

  3. lSide by Side Deployment

  4. lPerformance degradation with Singleton Orchestration – under certain conditions, using transactions is one of them, you’ll run into this.

  5. lLeak in WMI provider

  6. lBody Tracking before receive

  7. lOOM Errors with MQSeries Adapter ****

  8. lPipeline versions Side by Side

  9. lEDI adapter update (KB894785) – Fixes a lot of things…

  10. lMicrosoft.XLANGs.Core.PersistenceException – I’ve seen this almost every time….I would say just get it as well.

  11. File Adapter losing files if SQL shuts down – this is a bad one…..another “just get it” fix.