There I was with the a new toy – Zebra R110Xi Printer and a 600 page instruction
manual, including a 300 page Zebra programming language reference and an RFID section……
do you spend time with the manual? or unwrap and plug it in and see what happens.

I did the latter – I wasn’t printing on labels (yet) where some care needs to be taken,
loading unloading etc.

Let’s get this puppy into RFID manager I thought…… you’d think “grab the provider
and away you go”…’d think…… 🙂

1. Grab the Zebra provider from here –
(at the bottom of the page)
2. Expand out the Zip and in there is some documentation about installing SNMP
networking services
on the RFID Server – do this pretty straight forward step
(it seems the Zebra provider uses SNMP to gather more info about the printer)
3. Install the Zebra Provider in the usual manner…..outlined in the install
4. Next Add a Device through the RFID manager. You will need the IP Address of
your printer and the Port number – default 9100

5. I got a FAILED to COMMUNICATE to Device ….tried again and again…here
we go I thought…….maybe those 600+pages are looking promising?
6. I then did a quick hunt and found that the printer had a Web Interface (instead
of trying to set 6 million properties through the front panel and a <- and ->
key) – cool. The web was the go!
7. (temp IP address of my device) brought I a great Zebra
Home page and I knew I was at the right place.
8. I checked out a few settings but as soon as I wanted to look into ‘Printer Settings’
etc. I was prompted for a password.

9. I was forced to head into the manual and the default password is 1234.
10. So I entered this password in AND…the skies parted, the rays of light shone
through……Mr. Zebra replied with

“Access Granted. This IP Address now has admin access to
the restricted printer pages. Please Click here to proceed.”

11. Hey I thought……..does this mean…..and BOOM – RFID MANAGER WORKED A TREAT
– added the device and got access to the ‘admin’ pages on the printer.

12. Uploaded some *.ZPL templates and ready to tackle the next stage…..actual printing…….