At the RFID Journal Live event, we announced launch of our BizTalk RFID Mobile TAP program.

BizTalk RFID Mobile is an RFID platform for Windows Mobile and CE. BizTalk RFID Mobile consists of a runtime engine, tools, and components to develop, deploy, and manage RFID solutions on mobile devices. In combination with BizTalk Server RFID, the mobility release provides a platform for real-time decision making. BizTalk RFID Mobile extends management and event processing to mobile devices and allows communication between the server and mobile platforms.

Media outlets covering the news include Ars Technica, CRN, CXO Today, eChannel Line, InformationWeek, Network World, Red Herring, Redmond Developer News, RFID Journal, RFID News, RFID Update, SD Times and VNUnet.

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Marjan Kalantar