If you are getting errors when accessing the BizTalk Http Adapter (BtsHttpReceive.dll) on a Windows 2003 server, make sure you check the following:

  • (401) Not Authorized

The identity used to run the Application pool must be part of BizTalk User Groups and the IIS_WPG local group.

  • (404) Page Not Found

BizTalk HTTP Adapter is implemented as an ISAPI application. Make sure BtsHttpReceive.dll is an allowed Web Services Extensions in IIS. To enable, launch IIS Manager and click on the “Web Service Extension” folder located below the “Web sites” folder in the navigation tree. If not found, add an entry by right click on the Web Service Extension folder. Select “Add a new Web service extension…”, give it an identifiable name such as “BizTalk HTTP Adapter” and add the path of BtsHttpReceive.dll (usually found on C:\Program Files\Microsoft BizTalk Server 2006\HTTPReceive\BTSHTTPReceive.dll)

  • (405) Method Not Allowed

Set Execute Permission to allow Scripts and Executables for the virtual directory where BTSHTTPReceive.dll resides.

  • (500) Internal Server Error

Make sure the identity used in the application pool for the BtsHttpReceive virtual directory has access to the BiztalkMsgBoxDb. Check if the account is part of the BizTalk Isolated Host Users Group (or equivalent).

Also make sure the above account has at least Read access to the <WINDIR>\temp directory (for example – C:\WINDOWS\Temp). This is especially important on a multi-server environment because the rights are not granted by default.