I was having some problems transferring files from a very old SUN Unix server using the FTP adapter. I decided to create a new BizTalk FTP/FTPS adapter that would be robust and allow me to connect to FTPS servers.

Here are the Receive Location Properties.

Explanation of properties:

CRLF Mode – The CRLF Mode property applies when downloading files in ASCII mode. If CRLF Mode is set to No Alteration the transfer happens normally without alteration. A value of CRLF converts all line endings to CR+ LF. A value of LF Only converts all line endings to LF-only. A value of CR Only converts all line endings to CR-only.

FTP Trace Mode – Send a trace of the FTP session and any errors to either a File, designated by the FTP Trace path and FileName, Event Log, or None.

Transfer Mode – Binary or ASCII

Use Passive Host Address – Some FTP servers need this option for passive data transfers. In passive mode, the data connection is initiated by the client sending a PASV command to the FTP server, and the FTP server responds with the IP address and port number where it is listening for the client’s connection request. When the Use Passive Host Address property is set to Yes, the IP address in the PASV response is discarded and the IP address of the remote endpoint of the existing control connection is used instead.

Authentication Mode – By setting the Authentication Mode Property to AuthTls , a secure FTP connection can be established using either SSL 3.0 or TLS 1.0. The FTP_FTPS Adapter will automatically choose whichever is supported by the FTP server during the secure channel establishment. The FTP control port remains at the default (21). Upon connection, the channel is converted to a secure channel automatically. All control messages and data transfers are encrypted. By choosing Implicit SSL, the FTP_FTPS Adapter connects using SSL on port 990, which is the de-facto standard FTP SSL port.

Client Certificate – The FTP_FTPS Adapter provides the ability to use a client certificate with secure FTP (implicit or explicit SSL/TLS).

Private Key File – The FTP_FTPS Adapter provides the ability to use a client certificate with secure FTP (implicit or explicit SSL/TLS). You may load a certificate from separate .crt (or .cer) and .pvk files and use it as the client-side SSL cert. The .pvk contains the private key. The .crt/.cer file contains the PEM or DER encoded digital certificate. Note: Client-side certificates are only needed in situations where the server demands one.

Invoice VAN FTP/SSL – By choosing yes, the FTP_FTPS Adapter will sets all the properties correctly to connect to an Inovis VAN FTP/SSL.

Tumbleweed Secure Transport FTPS Server – The FTP_FTPS Server can connect, authenticate, transfer files to a Tumbleweed Secure Transport SSL FTP Server. Instead of providing a login name and password, you pass the string “site-auth” for the username, and an empty string for the password. You must also provide a client-side digital certificate — as the certificate’s credentials and validity are used to authenticate.

Please email me if you could use this adapter.