BizTalk Server 2006 is now release and available out on MSDN.  I’ve loaded up an image and was curious to see if I could get one of the new Scenario Examples working.  If you haven’t seen the new scenarios, install BizTalk and look at the following location:  c:\Program Files\BizTalk Server 2006\SDK\Scenarios\  I started looking at the BPM Sample and it’s not just a code example, but a full working application.

If you want to install this scenario, I suggest you first look at the Help File!  The new help file has a scenario link on the initial page and should lead you to the instructions.  I printed off the BPM instructions and it’s not just a click and go.  It’s quite a few pages with with everything from setting up the DB, Queues, FTP, etc…  Don’t expect to get this scenario running in 5 minutes.  One interesting not on the instructions…it states that you should place the BizTalk Service Account in the Administrators group…so much for using least priviledge!

I haven’t quite figured out the entire BPM solution and it will take some time.  To get the app running, you must start three separate applications:  Facilities, Operations and Provisioning.  These apps simulate the back end systems so you can run the application on one machine.  I was able to get everything working and started submitting service requests.  The only issue I’ve run into so far has been BAM.  There is BAM spread throughout the Solution, but nothing displayed in the BAM Portal.  I had to run the bm.exe tool and add an account to the ServiceOrderView.  Once I did this, I could see the BAM view and start running queries.

It’s great to see a full solution sample in the BizTalk SDK.  It will take some time to dig into this Solution and figure out all of the moving parts, but it should help answer quite a few questions.  I do some more digging also and if I find anything interesting, I’ll let everyone know.